Buddhinath: Lord of Wisdom

Published September 11, 2012 by yng86

Lord Ganesha has 108 names and all these names points to some of his special qualities as well as some of the most important ganeshaincidents of his life. He is called Buddinath for his great knowledge and wisdom of which he is the presiding empty. There is always something intelligent, something cunning and humorous in the deeds and misdeeds of this teenaged elephant headed god that brings him close to our heart and instead of respecting him his devotees seem to love him more. Buddinathvinayaaka always have a solution ready for each and every problem of our life. He is the ultimate problem solver with an answer to every question. He is an intelligent mind controlled by a wise head.

Lord Ganesha is the repository of all the knowledge and wisdom that is there in this cosmic universe. It is for nothing that Ganesha is called as Buddinath or the lord of wisdom. His greed and dedication for knowledge is unmatched so as his sacrifice that is symbolized by the broken teeth. There is a mythological story that sage Vyasa was dictating Mahabharata to him and he was penning it down on his behalf. But there was a condition that will never stop is writing and the poet sage must also go on creating those verses. While writing the epic suddenly Ganesha’s pen was broken. On condition that he will never stop, the elephant headed god instantaneously broke one of his pointed tasks and used that for a pen for the rest of the epic. Such is his devotion towards knowledge and wisdom and the broken teeth that is found held in his lower right hand in many of his incarnations is a specimen of that devotion  and desire.

There is no other god who is as learned as Ganesha, the Buddinath and even goddess Sarswati, the goddess of education and fine arts and scholars like Narada had to bow their head before his knowledge which is ably supported by great intelligence. He is the supreme accumulation of knowledge, wisdom and intelligence and in front him no problem is a problem that cannot be solved. By praying to Buddinath and satisfying him we can make him to lead us on the path of knowledge and wisdom and as the lord of obstacles he himself will take care of anything that prevents us from reaching our spiritual goal.

There are numerous stories in Hindu mythology related to his birth, his childhood, his marriage and also about a number of his deeds, but in every story about Ganesha there is a touch of subtle intelligence or some deep yet comprehendible knowledge that make them really special. There is typical smartness in his behavior quite contrary to his appearance with pot belly and elephant head that can never be missed and even if he is termed as the smartest and most contemporary god in the whole religious pantheon that will certainly not be an overstatement. His knowledge and wisdom as well as his mental sharpness to use that knowledge can never be missed in those stories and naturally he is the most loved god in the country.





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